Potato diet

The potato diet consists of what the name already indicates: potatoes. The diet is therefore based solely from potatoes.

This does not mean potato dishes like fried potatoes with bacon and onions or a potato gratin with cream and cheese but the pure potato with low-fat quark or as mashed potatoes at best. It is important that the ingredients are as lean as possible and that the chief ingredient of the meals is potatoes.

One-sided diet

This makes the potato diet to a very one-sided diet that offers any alternation. Thus it is preprogrammed that this diet is hard to finish. Since other food appears as minor supplement, one lives practically solely on potatoes.

Although the potato itself is a very healthy vegetable. It contains vitamins, amino acids and important minerals, for example. But in the long run, nevertheless, this diet is not suitable for a successful diet.

No change in diet

Like other diets no change in diet is carried out, as the focus is oriented on the consumption of potatoes. The diet will lead to losing a couple of pounds, as the potato itself has only few calories and no fat.

As soon as the diet is finished, the lost pounds are about to return.

Cookbooks for the potato diet

There are some cookbooks for the potato diet on the market, to make the diet a little more interesting (1). This way, people who carry out the diet get the possibility of diversify the dishes, to stick longer to the diet.

1) For example: "Schlaraffenland für Kartoffelfans" Potato Diet Lüneburger Heide (German only)