Hollywood Star diet

The weight of the actresses in Hollywood was always important to start a career. For this reason the Hollywood Star diet was developed.

This diet exists since the 1920s and is made for lose as much weight as possible in a very short time. A change in diet does not take place; the jojo effect must be expected after finishing the diet.

No carbohydrates

The Hollywood star diet is a food combining diet which primarily forbids carbohydrates. Lean meats, fish, seafood like shrimps or lobsters are permitted.

The main ingredients are fruits, mainly exotic fruits like papaya, mango or melons. These fruits contain a lot of enzymes which are very suitable for the Hollywood star diet.

This diet is still very common in Hollywood and many restaurants offer appropriate meals on their menu.

Easy to follow

The great advantage of this diet is that it is easy to follow. One does not need particular food; the preparation is very easy, too. Meat and fish are prepared as low-fat as possible. Some portions of fruits, available in every grocery, must be eaten daily.

Disadvantages of Hollywood Star diet

The Hollywood Star diet is very dangerous for some reason, though. There is a minimum value of calories a man needs daily to keep the body functions, the circulation etc. in motion and to do the daily works. This value is far undercut by this diet.

Generally only 800 - 900 calories are allowed to be ingested. This is approximately half of the recommended amount of calories for an average adult. The fact that the diet is very low in protein can lead to deficiency syndromes, too. Proteins are an important component in the metabolism which may not be left out completely.