Half rations

The half rations diet is something nearly everyone has tried at least once. The main principle is that one only eats 50% of everything.

This means: instead of eating two rolls for breakfast, eat just one roll. Who orders a whole pizza for lunch, should leaf one half on the plate. Generally this diet is about reducing the portions. There is no confinement about what not to eat with this diet.

Get the stomach smaller

The half portion diet is based on the theory that the stomach is a stretchable muscle. The more food one ingests, the more capacity the stomach gets.

That means that one has to eat more and more to feel lush. According to this the theory assumes that the stomach gets smaller the less one eats.

Half rations does not change eating habits

In principle, this is right. But the stomach needs a lot more time to shrink as to enlarge. On the other hand the half rations diet is not about changing the eating habits. One is still allowed to eat a fat knuckle with sauerkraut - but just only 50% of it.

To really shed pounds with this diet for good, one has to stick to the principle to leave 50% on the plate, for many years. The problem is that the stomach will instantly start to enlarge again, as soon as one eats more. This has the result that the pounds are back again.

Jojo effect in all probability

This is because the nutrition has not been changed; one had just eaten less for some time. This is why the half ration diet is very proned to the so called jojo effect and not appropriate to a permanent weight reductions, especially not for keeping the weight.