GI Diet

The GI diet is also a diet that leads to a lasting change of eating habits. Different to other diets, sport is an important part of the diet.

(1) The GI Diet is based on the so called glycaemic index. Therefore, a kind of color coded ranking list had been invented, which quotes the different kinds of food in a special index. The different colours result from a calculation that finds out the amount of carbohydrates with their effect on the level of blood sugar. The higher the data, the worse is the food for the diet.

Red signs again bad food

For example, a red sign means that this food is to be avoided if possible. Mostly, this is food that contains a lot of carbohydrates. Vitamins, proteins can harmlessly be eaten. When it comes to fat, vegetable fat should be used.

Like any other diet of this kind, the GI Diet is made to obtain a balanced and healthy eating habit. Pork and beef are forbidden, as is fatty fish. One has to be careful even with cheese. Fruit, vegetables, lean poultry and brown bread are allowed. In addition, in a bakery chain in Germany it is possible to buy a special "Gl-Bread".

Easy to understand

The most cookery books available for the GI Diet, recipes with the color coded ranking list are available. That way, one can keep an eye on the glycaemic index. A great advantage is the classifications, which keep an eye on the daily use.

The best diet of the world is useless, when it is too complex to endure in everyday life. There are shopping guides for this purpose (2) that shall help, do find the right products. Because this is another advantage of the GI-diet: one is able to alter normal dishes accordingly into GI-dishes, as soon as the principle is understood.

Go on with sports ...

But this method is still contended. Nutritionists doubt that one can determine the food's value only because of the glycaemic index. Surly the fact, that a fitness strategy belongs to the GI diet, adds to losing a couple of pounds with this diet. But this diet has to be continued afterwards, too, to avoid the jojo-effect.

"Easy GI-Diet - Use the Glycaemic Index to Lose Weight and Gain Energy" (Example)

"The GI Guide to Shopping and Eating Out" (Example)