Brigitte Diet

The Brigitte Diet is a well-known diet, which had been invented by the women's magazine Brigitte many years ago. It has been improved ever since.

Meanwhile the recipes of the Brigitte Diet cannot only be found in the magazine itself. Books about dishes and bakery had been made of this diet, too. The editorial office of these books declares that the recipes are made with the help of nutritionists. Actually, the dishes' composition had been commended quite often because of the healthy, balanced nutrition of the diet.

Nutrition plans but no calorie-counting

The diet's advantage is that there is no calorie-counting at all. This is very important, as the counting often is a reason why diets cannot be finished successfully. Generally, calorie guidelines are made, but one has not to put them together on one's own.

The general intake of calories during a Brigitte diet is 1,000 to max. 1,500 calories a day. The specialty with the Brigitte diet is that well-structured nutrition plans are applied, especially with the cookery books.

Change the eating habit

With the help of these nutrition plans, the eating habit is being changed in the long run. The Brigitte Diet is very balanced, so that no deficiency syndromes are to be feared.

But the Brigitte diet is just working as long as one sticks to the recipes. If one cooks normal dishes again after achieving the ideal weight, one will most likely gain weight again.

Avoid the relapse

The reason for this is the calorie reduction. The human body records this as "bad time" and uses the stored fat. As soon as the body has the possibility, it will try to build up the fat cells, like a "stock for bad times". Therefore, the Brigitte diet's principle must be retained thereafter.

This means: a healthy, balanced nutrition.