Blood type diet

The blood type diet had been invented by Peter J. D'Adamo. Peter J. D'Adamo is an American alternative practitioner who has found out that the success or failure of a diet depends on the blood types.

He refers 4 blood types (1) that react differently on diets. Peter J. D'Adamos thesis argues that each of the 4 blood types affects the way of living, the susceptibility for illnesses, the eating habits and even the vitality of people. Who eats healthily and pass a diet successfully, has to consider the needs and particularities of his / her blood type.

Blood type and eating habits

According to Peter J. D'Adamo, not every diet suits everybody, just because his blood type forces other eating habits. Therefore, he orders a more albuminous diet for people with the blood type 0. People with the blood types A should mainly eat fruits and vegetables and avoid meat.

People with the blood types B and AB have the advantage that there are no favourites in nutrition. According to the eating habits that relate to the blood types, Peter J.D'Adamo has created advices for people, concerning what not to eat during a diet or on the basis of a healthy nutrition.

Long-term success?

People with blood type 0 therefore should be careful with carbohydrates and vitamins. People with blood type A should be careful especially with fatty acids, zinc and iron. As before, people with the blood types B and AB have no restrictions to be followed.

These so called risky agents show, that the blood type diet is not suitable for a long-term execution and can also be dangerous. Essential fatty acids, vitamins, zinc and iron are important for some functions in the human body - are they missing for too long, it can lead to a deficiency syndrome.

1) "Eat right 4 your Type" by. Peter J. D'Adamo