Abrosia is one of the world's oldest diets. Many people know this diet also as "fasting cure".

Abrosia is offered in regimens and has to be accomplished under survey and with a strict diet plan. Generally it is important, that one does not fast alone at home. The medical care is very important, as circulation problems and deficiency syndromes can emerge with some people.

Variety of of abrosia methods

There is a great variety of abrosia methods. There is juice and tee fasting, the abrosia with water from mineral springs in spas and the abrosia with stocks.

The most fasting cures last a couple of weeks, whereas the kind of abrosia and the adduction to solid food are main parts of the most cures.

Kneipp abrosia

One of the first abrosias had been developed by Sebastian Kneipp. In this case, purification had been the main goal. This is still the declared objective of the most fasting cures today.

Firstly a defaecation is carried out, mostly by a clyster. Later, at least 3 litres liquid have to be drunk for cleaning daily. The ingestion of solid food is not planned in the first couple of days. The ingestion of salts or vitamins is carried out with special teas, stocks or juices which have to be drunk during the fasting cure.

Weight reduction and inner cleaning

Of course, a weight reduction will take place during the abrosia, as fat cells are reduced because of the lack of fat intake. But the most fasting cures are about an inner cleaning; the body shall be rinsed thoroughly and be cleaned of toxins.

Anyway, a lack of nutrients accures out of the most fasting cures. The body is able to adapt to during the cure. Because of this reason the adaption to solid food has to be done step by step.