Diet - Tips, Strategy and Diet-Plan

Almost every woman and also many men have at least once in their life been on a diet. Especially women try out new diets now and then, hoping to get rid of unwanted extra pounds.

As great as the interest in diets, as large are the different diets offered. These follow different goals of dieting.

The right diet plan

When choosing the right diet, it is important to make sure that a diet not only achieves quick and short-lived results but affects long-term. With some diets, the so called jojo effect is prevailing and the frustration that goes along with it is a typical companion of diets for many women. Diets can be differentiated between diets that execute dehydration and purification and those methods that are really made for losing weight long-term by reducing the fat cells.

Diet and health

It is most reasonable to choose a diet which changes the eating habits. The healthier one eats the more certain one can be to lose the weight for good. Especially, as most people want to reduce their weight because of health reasons, this requirement for a diet is very important. Only a long-lasting change of eating habits can lead to a healthy weight. In this context, a medical advice and an intensive supervision during the diet is important, to foresee or prevent possible health damages.

Variety of diets - spoilt for choice

For both, women and men, who want to loose a couple of pounds in a short time just to fit e.g. into their favourite jeans again, to look great on the beach or radiant at a wedding, there are different concepts of dieting available, which had been developed by doctors, VIPs or nutritionists.

Not every diet is suitable to everybody. Some people lose a lot of weight on the cabbage soup diet, while others cannot hang on to this kind of diet for more than 2 or 3 days. It is important that there is an alternation and that the diet is not too unbalanced and boring. Firstly, unbalanced diets can lead to deficiency symptoms, secondly boring diets are not made to follow them successfully for several weeks.